Kevin Spacey finally Shows His Hidden Talent in Elvis & Nixon Movie: Watch the Trailer

elvis_nixon_movieWe all know about that famous picture of Elvis Presley shaking President Nixon’s hand in the White-house. Its a quirky almost surreal photograph. Maybe that’s why there’s a new movie built around that shot from December 1970.

In “Elvis & Nixon” Kevin Spacey finally demonstrated his hidden talent as a celebrity impersonator doing an over-the-top Nixon and though, even with make-up, Michael Shannon does not look a thing like Elvis it should still be interesting.

Legend has it that the King wanted to hand deliver a letter to the president in hopes of being appointed to the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

The trailer shows a president’s nap-time being interrupted by Elvis. “He’s one of the most famous men on the planet. He loves guns and hates the Beatles,” Nixon advisor Egil Krogh (played by Colin Hanks) tells the president to convince him to meet with Presley. “The Beatles, well I don’t like them,” Spacey’s Nixon says back.

Elvis & Nixon opens on April 15, 2016.