Spiderman To Appear in Captain America: Civil War Plus Spoilers

teamstark-o-teamrogers-per-spideySpider-Man Is Set To Appear in “Captain America: Civil War” and He Will Picks a Side

Here we are knee-deep in the Presidential primaries and even our super heroes are asking us to “Choose a Side”. That’s the main message in “Captain America: Civil War” where both Ironman and the Captain are trying to recruit as many allies as possible for their own sides. Though Spider-Man has pulled a Luke Skywalker disappearing act on the new “Civil War” trailers there’s a good chance the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is being very careful on unveiling what Spidey will look like.

Spoiler alert – Rumor has it for most of the movie Spiderman is neutral. Fans, however, of the already printed material, going back 6-7years, are speaking of “Iron Spider” – a suit that Tony Stark gives to Peter Parker for his allegiance. The problem is the special suit has a tracking device and Ironman has the ability to blow-up the suit with Spidey in tow if he decides to change sides. When that’s discovered all bets are off. Tom Holland is set to follow in Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s web to play Parker. Another reason for easing the public into the spandex universe might be the fact that we’ve had 5 Spider-Man movies since 2002. The first solo “Tom Holland” Spider-Man movie will be released in the summer of 2017.

Up until now Spider-Man didn’t seem to exist in the Avengers universe because of legal problems.

The biggest rumor of all concerning “Civil War” is that a main character will be killed by Crossbones played by Frank Grillo…and that super hero is….Steve Rogers – Captain America. Many different endings have been filmed. We will have to wait until May 6, when “Captain America: Civil War,” is released. – by John Beaudin