Jason Bonham Believes Led Zeppelin Will Ride Again

led_zeppelin_5050The son of the great John Bonham still believes Led Zeppelin has not done their last  concert yet.. “In my heart of hearts, I do believe we will play together again,” Jason Bonham told Vanyaland. “It remains to be seen if it will be in public or privately, but I do think we will play again.”

Besides growing up surrounded by the Zeppelin family it’s easy to understand that if anyone has an inside story to any band reunion it would be Jason or he’s delusional. Remember Robert Plant has said, “Never Again!” Jason’s own band is a tribute to Zep and his dad,  “I can’t add anything to the greatest drummer in the world,” he says of his Led Zeppelin Experience band. “But what I can do is represent him in the best possible way.”

Jason last played with Zeppelin at the famous London O2 show in 2007. He says he still feels conflicted on taking his dad’s seat. “It’s a tough one, ’cause you sat in the greatest drummer in the world’s seat, and it’s your dad’s seat,” he admitted. “There’s part of me that was going, ‘God, I wish he was here to see this.’ And then the other part says, ‘But if he was, you wouldn’t be playing it.’” – by John Beaudin