Train doing Tribute album of Led Zeppelin II

Train doing Tribute album on Led Zeppelin? How Dare You!!!

It’s coming out on June 3. Train is doing Led Zeppelin II in it’s entirety. It think it’s important to point out that Train used to be a rockin’ band. Sure they were more of a power-pop group from the very beginning with their first big hit, ‘Meet Virginia.” The first single was, “Free” very much in that Tonic vein, a band that was really inspired by Zeppelin. What happened to Train was “Drops of Jupiter” and I can’t blame them.

There was still an indie rock feel to that second album but the title tune was as sweet as it was huge. Rock fans are not known for wanting too much sugar in their tea. “Drops of Jupiter” won the grammy for “Best Rock Song” and that kind of success even if it’s not where your going changes your travel plans.

After hits like, “Calling All Angels,” “Cab,”Save Me San Francisco,” “Hey, Soul Sister,” and “Drive By,” which all had a real similar feel maybe Train wants to return to their roots. I was a big fan until I just couldn’t hold on anymore on their fourth album.

However, doing Zeppelin is a tall task. They have already released their take on “The Lemon Song” on YouTube. Train lead singer Pat Monahan, says “Our favorite band is Led Zeppelin, and they made a huge impression on our lives musically,” So I thought, why don’t we record one of their albums, just for the fun of it for our fans. The hard part was deciding which one.”

You’re damned if you do or don’t because Train tried to get all the songs recorded as close to the original Zeppelin versions which might be a mistake since, well, they’re not Led Zeppelin but deviating from the formula might have been a bigger mistake.

Train is donating100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the record to San Francisco’s Family House, that helps low income families who have children at University of California Medical Centre in San Francisco.

The band will perform Zeppelin II in New York, LA, Seattle and San Francisco in June.