An open letter to Scott Weiland: ‘So this is where it ends’

An open letter to Scott Weiland: ‘So this is where it ends’

scott_weiland_9001Remember when Michael Jackson died? The king of pop finally reached sainthood on that day of June 25, 2009. There is nothing new about forgiving ones sins via a death certificate. I think every attendant at a funeral has had one of those “What is he doing here?” moments. One things for sure death changes our minds about people – usually alot. Whether Michael Jackson ever did anything it didn’t matter as much since that summer.

Jeff Miers, a writer for the Buffalo News, got emotional but stayed on-point in his open letter to former Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland.

Read a few excerpt from Miers’ article. Weiland died on December 3, 2015. – by John Beaudin

“You’re in your bus because the show you were scheduled to perform at the Medina Entertainment Center, a few hundred seat ballroom given to presenting oldies rock acts and tribute bands, has been canceled. You’ve canceled a lot of shows over the years, with increasing frequency during the last few.”

“They say you died in your sleep. They don’t point out the elephant in the room – your years and years of struggling with addiction to serious narcotics. They do this out of respect for the family you’ve just left behind.”

“All but immediately, your peers and fans take to social media and express their sorrow, their regret, their love for the unforgettable music you created all the time you were fronting Stone Temple Pilots, most of the time when you were singing for Velvet Revolver, and only some of the time when you’d ventured out on your own.”


“What none of them express is surprise.”

“Your fans, a group I counted myself among, veered between anger at your inability to clean up and your disrespectful routine of showing up late and visibly wasted on stage, and a compassion and empathy that occasionally veered uncomfortably close to pity.”

“But now, whenever I listen to my very favorite of the albums you had such a big part in creating – STP’s “Tiny Music …Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop” – I’m gonna have to try really hard not to think of you dying at 48, the same age I am, in the back of a tour bus, pretty much in the middle of nowhere, both literally and figuratively, another gig in a venue that you really should not have been playing, canceled.”

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