Big Trouble In Heart After Ann’s Husband Sentenced For Choking Nancy’s Kids

There is trouble in every family but right now it’s more like “The Shining” than the Copacabana. Arguing is one thing but hitting someone creates a darker story. The husband of Seattle rock band Heart’s Ann Wilson was handed a suspended sentence today for choking Nancy’s twin boys who were 16 at the time.

Dean Wetter, 66 received a suspended sentence of 364 days in jail, which means no jail time. His plea agreement includes restitution, two years of probation, he need to go to counseling and have no contact with his nephews.

The whole thing went down in August 2016 back stage at a heart show in Auburn, Washington. The twin boys asked their uncle for a look at Ann’s tour bus. Wetter agreed as long as the the pair closed the door behind them so the dogs inside would not escape. Turns out that didn’t happen and Wetter went nuts. Slapping one of the boys in the back of the head. He then reportedly punched him in the head and grabbed him by the throat. The other boy, his twin tried to stop the fight only to also be grabbed by the throat until he could hardly breathe. Then the pair called 911.

Wetter has admitted to not getting along with the boys before because of their attitude but admitted that touching the boys was a mistake.

So what does this mean for Heart? Ann says that cops’ involvement was “totally unnecessary.” In a Rolling Stone interview Nancy said, “Everyone makes mistakes. It’s been freaky and more negative than it needed to be, but I’m willing and ready to humanize it all and get back into a dialogue, with Ann in particular, about if we’ve still got Heart. I feel pretty positive that we do, but it’s been impossible to know that for a long time now.”

Heart is on “hiatus” according to the sisters. How bad is it? After the incident Heart still had 20 shows to do which Ann called “hell” and Nancy described them as “excruciating.” It led the pair to having separate dressing room for the first time since they started working together in the late 60’s.

Nancy has described Wetter as “hard to know” and a crankpots who mouths off about kids,” she said. “He’s a guy that had some issues that really came between me and wanting to see him anytime soon.”

He’s a different animal from anyone else who’s ever come into our family.” Ann says “She never really understood him. He was demonized before we got married because he’s a free spirit. He’s completely blunt, honest and open. People take it personally.”

Both Ann and Nancy are working on separate projects. With Heart there is way too much at stake here. They will patch it up – we hope. – by John Beaudin

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