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screen-shot-2016-05-23-at-10-26-17-pmSpringsteen’s New Book Uncovers A Brave Fight to Find His Voice in spite of Genetic Depression

A family history of mental illness can sometimes bypass some offspring but chances are if it’s in your lineage one should expect sprinkles – Springsteen got a rain shower.

And only in the way Bruce could he’s being incredibly transparent about his dark nights of the soul.

In his new autobiography appropriately title “Born to Run” which comes out this month the 66-year-old rocker opens up about his most recent dip that lasted four years and just ended in 2014. He says, “One of the points I’m making in the book is that, whoever you’ve been and wherever you’ve been, it never leaves you,” Springsteen said. “I always picture it as a car. All your selves are in it. And a new self can get in, but the old selves can’t ever get out. The important thing is, who’s got their hands on the wheel at any given moment?”

Springsteen describes his dad as a Charles Bukowski character which could only mean psychological problems drowned by alcohol. The perfect storm of dual diagnosis. His dad dropped out of school, had problems keeping a job and avoided any kind of intimacy. There was some reconciliation between father and son but Bruce never heard “I love you back.” His dad died in 1998.

In August 1975, when “Born To Run” was released I was 15. I’d heard the title song and a friend played me Jungleland. The lyrics of the latter stunned me. What has this guy been through to have the perspective to write.

Outside the street’s on fire in a real death waltz

Between what’s flesh and what’s fantasy

And the poets down here don’t write nothing at all

They just stand back and let it all be

And in the quick of a knife, they reach for their moment

And try to make an honest stand

But they wind up wounded, not even dead

Tonight in Jungleland

Also, remember Springsteen’s chronic numbness in his left side? It took a little of uncomfortable prodding to fix the problem. So much so that in order for Doctors to get to the problem, which was a damaged disk in his neck. The singer had to get his throat cut open and vocal cords temporarily tied off to the side so that doctors could insert the replacement disks. He was sidelined for three months. Couldn’t sing a lick.

Springsteen will continue on his “River” tour this month and expect a new album all new material, his first since 2012’s Wrecking Ball, in 2017 – if all goes well.

The book “Born to Run” is out September 27th. – by John Beaudin


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