Fleetwood Mac To Release New Album With or Without Stevie Nicks

Fleetwood Mac Will Release A New Album Next Year With or Without Stevie Nicks

christine-mcvie-and-fleet-014Christine McVie says all the rumours are true. The band is working on their first album since 2003’s, ‘Say You Will.” The singer who rejoined the group two years ago after being away for 16 told Billboard magazine, “We cut seven songs in the studio already for the start of a brand-new studio album, which we did probably nearer two years ago,” adding, “We shelved that temporarily and then went on the road and did the tour. And now, actually, I think we’re going back in, in October to try to finish it off. Stevie (Nicks) hasn’t participated yet, but hope springs eternal. She’s going on a solo tour at the moment.”

McVie says she and Lindsey Buckingham have lots more tunes in the bag and that they are fantastic.

Nicks told Billboard magazine, “Is it possible that Fleetwood Mac might do another record? I can never tell you yes or no, because I don’t know. I honestly don’t know,” she said. “It’s like, do you want to take a chance of going in and setting up in a room for like a year [to record an album] and having a bunch of arguing people? And then not wanting to go on tour because you just spent a year arguing?”

“Or do you just go on tour because you know that you have fun up there and you love doing shows?”

McVie wants Stevie back and says if her old friend doesn’t want to record they will finish it without her, do a smaller tour to support it and then a larger tour once Stevie is ready.

There’s lots going on in Fleetwood Mac land. They just reissued a remastered version of 1982’s ‘Mirage” album.

Mick is touring his Mick Fleetwood Blues Band with Rick Vito who actually replaced Buckingham in Fleetwood Mac in 1987 along with Billy Burnette.

Yesterday marked 35 years since Lindsey Buckingham released his first solo album “Law and Order” in 1981. It featured the hit “Trouble” which reached #9 on the U.S. Pop charts. And Lindsay turned 67 yesterday (October 3rd)… Happy Birthday.

In her interview McVie pointed out something important, the fact that they are all still alive. That’s always a good thing. Hopefully everything works out. – by John Beaudin

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