Geddy Lee of Rush Says Neil Peart Has Not Retired

Rush May Continue After All

rush_geddy_lee_003So maybe Neil Peart is not retiring after all. Rush bandmate Geddy Lee told U.K.’s Prog magazine, “There’s really nothing to say. I think Neil is just explaining his reasons for not wanting to tour, with the toll that it’s taking on his body. That’s all I would care to comment on it.”

Peart had been quoted as saying this in context of his daughter, “Lately, Olivia has been introducing me to new friends at school as ‘My dad – he’s a retired drummer,’” Peart tells Drumhead magazine. “True to say,” Peart says, before adding that it’s “funny to hear.”

Lee adds, “We’ll get together eventually and chat about things. But in my view, there is certainly nothing surprising in what he said. Neil just feels that he has to explain with all the thousands of people asking, ‘Why no more tours?’ He needs to explain his side of it.”

The Rush Vocalist says the Peart Quote could be out of context, “I think that’s absolutely right. That’s their job. Talking about something when there’s nothing to talk about.” – by John Beaudin