Lady Gaga Wanted to Quit Music

lady_gaga_tony_bennett_check_to_check_9001Lady Gaga thought about quitting music before joining forces with Tony Bennett. She says Bennett made all her ups and down make sense, “If talent isn’t the thing, then you are way off-base,” she said in the magazine. “That’s why every up and down of my career was worth it—it has led me to epiphanies. We can’t create without epiphanies.”

She also told E, “For a second I sort of gave up myself, but you learn as you get older how to be wiser about the challenges in your life and to stay strong,” she said. “Music has always kept me strong.”

Gaga adds, in the end it was music that kept her going, “I came from a piano in a room by myself in New York, so you can achieve anything if you put your mind and hard work to it.”

The singer was honored this week as Billboard’s Woman of the Year and Bennett was there, “The whole world has just fallen in love with her completely. She deserves it,” Bennett said. “We’re sold out everywhere in the world. It’s fabulous.” – by John Beaudin