Peter Cetera Is Done With Chicago After Declining Another Reunion at Songwriters Hall Of Fame

This story is almost anti-climatic and really not surprising considering the same thing happened at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year so here we go again. Robert Lamm and James Pankow will be honored at Songwriters Hall Of Fame next week in New York and Cetera will not be there.

Cetera’s response, “Music is supposed to be fun, and nothing about that evening was pointing towards it being a joyous occasion. I mean, there’s a reason why we’re not together, you know. And

I’m sure we’re both happy with that. Basically, they didn’t want to work with me nor did the show want to work with me to see if something could happen. And I begrudgingly tried to make it happen, even though I didn’t really want to do it. There’s been too much water under the bridge. And so be it. I just couldn’t get up there and fake like I was having a good time.”

I know there are many fans who are disappointed but Cetera’s allowed to say no. In these case’s I always say the same thing – do you want to go on a road trip with you’re ex-wife? Maybe your neighbors didn’t want you to break up because you were such a cute couple but they weren’t living with you either and have no idea what went on in that house. There are people close to the band that know some of the stories and I’ve heard a few but ultimately, like a family, like a couple, there are secrets, stories, dirt that we will never know and If you’ve been together as long as these guys have there’s lots of dirt. Music is also so competitive and Chicago was and is a big band.

I reached out to former drummer Danny Seraphine after that “so called” Chicago documentary a few months ago and he was pissed. Was Chicago playing fair with their ex-members liked Cetera, Bill Champlin, Donnie Dacus in just making them wrong but remember as Cetera says there a lot of water under the bridge.

I have a good relationship with my ex-wife Lynn but I’m not so sure we’d still be talking if we were in the same rock band for 50 years. At least there’s sex in a marriage!

I would love a reunion with all these guys. I respect them all. I still have all those albums and listen to them often. I remember in 1974 at 14 being pissed off at Chicago V11 that the whole album didn’t sound like “(I’ve Been) Searchin’ So Long” and “Wishing You Were Here” but then I gave the album a real shot. Opening with Seraphine’s “Prelude to Aire” going into “Aire” by Jimmy, Walter and Danny. That was a trip and so my journey began. I bought every album before that.

They say never meet your heroes. They can be jerks – sometimes. So can we. – by John Beaudin

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