Review: Jazz Funk Soul “More Serious Business” Jeff Lorber, Chuck Loeb, Everette Harp by John Beaudin

Super-Group Jazz/Funk/Soul Serves The Energy on Sophomore Album

Warning! If you’re short on sleep burn this CD. You may feel like cleaning the house or remodeling. Super-group Jazz/Funk/Soul deliver pure elated inspiration on their sophomore album “More Serious Business.” Everyone uses the term super-group too often but we’re talking Chuck Loeb, Everette Harp and Jeff Lorber here with help from drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and Nathan East and Will Lee on bass just to name a few.

It’s pretty damn cool to open a box for a change that delivers the promise that’s on the cover. It’s not only Jazz/Funk/Soul but it’s exceptionally executed. Can Loeb, Harb and Lorber do this in their sleep? Sure, but they wouldn’t dare. These boys get high praise from the top with the first track “Our Thing.” It’s pure Lorber groove with the kind of energy that makes you look at the speakers and did I mention how much I love Vinnie Colaiuta?

Harp’s “Tuesday Swings” is another caffeine attack – fresh, quick and catchy as hell. “Fall Departs” opens with a drum shuffle from Gary Novak. Bernard Purdie would be proud. It has that. “strolling-down-the-park” sunshine to it and like many tunes on this project, it just stays with you.

One of the pretties treats on the album is “Timmendorfer by the Sea.” It’s the kind of stuff I loved playing during my stink in Jazz radio. Like it’s title it slides you to a better place.

Another slow ditty, “The Love,” was written by all three guys and simply reminded me of summer love, and that sync we yearn for.

The first single from the CD, “You’ll Know When You Know” is straight in that Smooth Jazz vein – soulful with attitude.

There’s certainly a huge amount of trust that Loeb, Harp and Lorber have earned through the years. These are the dudes that built the machine and they play with no presumption that it will make the cut. I wouldn’t be surprised if their never satisfied with anything they do – that’s an elusive zone. – The level that these guys play at is overwhelming – It can be sobring for anyone who doesn’t o the work. We highly recommend this one, “More Serious Business.” by John Beaudin