Steve Miller Slams Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

steve_millerWas Steve Miller hinting at greed and unfairness last night at his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction? Along with Chicago, Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, N.W.A. Miller got his due but said he attacked the organization, Miller who is 72 said, “The whole process needs to be changed…It doesn’t need to be this hard. There’s nothing fancy going on out there that requires all of this stuff.”

He added, “When they told me I was inducted they said ‘You have two tickets, one for your wife and one for yourself.’…What about my band? What about their wives?'”For additional tickets, Miller said he would have had to pay $10,000.

He was also concerned about “legal work,” and claimed, “They need to respect the artists they say they’re honoring, which they don’t.”

At that point a Press representative tried to get Miller to wrap it up to which he responded, “No, we’re not going to wrap this up…Here’s what you need to know: This is how close this show came to not happening because of how the artists are being treated right now..” Then he announced, “I’ll wrap it up,” and walked off.

The Hall of Fame responded, “Rock and roll can ignite many opinions. It’s what makes it so great. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was honored to induct Steve Miller tonight and congratulates him.”

Miller and his band performed “Fly Like An Eagle,” “Rock’ n Me,” and “The Joker.”

The show-opened with a tribute to David Bowie with David Byrne, The Roots and Kimbra teaming up for a powerful take on “Fame.”

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich inducted Deep Purple. Then they performed “Hush,” “Midnight Star” and “Smoke On The Water.” Former guitarist Ritchie Blackmore kept to his word and did not appear sighting tensions between the members.

Matchbox 20 frontman Rob Thomas inducted Chicago. Former singer and bassist Peter Cetera, as promised, did not show up. Former drummer Danny Seraphine performed with the group for the first time in 25 years. They played “Saturday In The Park” Thomas helped out on “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?” and they closed with “25 Or 6 To 4.”

Then it was Cheap Trick’s turn. Kid Rock gave them the nod and former drummer Bun E. Carlos joined them on stage. Can we let this guy back in the band please. Seriously!!! They killed, “I Want You To Want Me,” “Dream Police” and “Surrender.”

They closed it all with an all-star jam.

You can see it all on HBO April 30. – by John Beaudin