Bonnie Raitt’s Self Titled Debut Album Released November 13, 1971



After a reporter from Newsweek Magazine began to spread word of Raitt’s performances she began being scouted by the labels. She eventually went with Warner Brothers.

Her self titled album was released in 1971. A straight-blues affair, it was recorded at an empty summer camp on Enchanted Island, about 30 miles west of Minneapolis on Lake Minnetonka. “We recorded live on four tracks because we wanted a more spontaneous and natural feeling in the music”, Raitt wrote in the album’s liner notes, “a feeling often sacrificed when the musicians know they can overdub their part on a separate track until it’s perfect.”

Though album sales were modest, Bonnie Raitt was warmly received by rock critics. “[A]n unusual collection of songs performed by an unusual assortment of musicians”, wrote Rolling Stone.[4] “Raitt is a folkie by history but not by aesthetic”, wrote Robert Christgau[3] in his Consumer Guide column. “She includes songs from Steve Stills, the Marvelettes, and a classic feminist blues singer named Sippie Wallace because she knows the world doesn’t end with acoustic song-poems and Fred McDowell. An adult repertoire that rocks with a steady roll, and she’s all of twenty-one years old.”





1 – “Bluebird” (Stephen Stills) – 3:29
2 – “Mighty Tight Woman” (Sippie Wallace) – 4:20
3 – “Thank You” (Raitt) – 2:50
4 – “Finest Lovin’ Man” (Raitt) – 4:42
5 – “Any Day Woman” (Paul Siebel) – 2:23
6 – “Big Road” (Tommy Johnson) – 3:31
7 – “Walking Blues” (Robert Johnson) – 2:40
8 – “Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead” (Ivy Hunter, Clarence Paul, William “Mickey” Stevenson) – 2:53
9 – “Since I Fell for You” (Buddy Johnson) – 3:06
10 – “I Ain’t Blue” (John Koerner, Willie Murphy) – 3:36
11 – “Women Be Wise” (Sippie Wallace) – 4:09





Bonnie Raitt – acoustic guitar, guitar, piano, electric guitar, steel guitar, vocals, background vocals, slide guitar
John Beach – piano
Peter Bell – acoustic guitar, guitar, percussion, electric bass, electric guitar, background vocals
Stephen Bradley – drums
Freebo – bass, tuba, vocals, background vocals, fretless bass
Russell Hagen – guitar, electric guitar
Voyle Harris – trumpet
Eugene Hoffman – tenor saxophone, cowbell
Maurice Jacox – flute, baritone saxophone, wind
Reeve Little – background vocals
Willie Murphy – guitar, percussion, piano, keyboards, vocals, background vocals
Paul Pena – bass, background vocals
Steve Raitt – percussion, sound effects, background vocals
A.C. Reed – tenor saxophone
Chris Rhodes – background vocals
Douglas Spurgeon – trombone
Junior Wells – harmonica

Producer: Willie Murphy
Engineers: Dave Ray, Sylvia Ray
Remixing: Kendall Pacios
Series producer: Gregg Geller
Project coordinator: Jo Motta
Arrangers: Bonnie Raitt, John Beach
Liner Notes: Bonnie Raitt