Eagles – Long Road Out of Eden – John Beaudin’s Review – Released Oct. 30, 2007

eagles_3006I, like most, go back a long way with the Eagles. As a teenager when there were only 10 albums in my collection two of those were Eagles LP’s. The Eagles quota for most of us former bell-bottom, mullet-top, crotch rockers in the seventies was pretty good. I didn’t have a close friend in high school that didn’t own at least “Hotel California” or “One Of These Nights” The prolific early Eagles recorded one LP per year between 1972 -1977. (ok, one of those was the “Greatest Hits”) The Long Run followed in 1979 and after many years of playing live like a ‘chainsaw in a hurricane,’ the band was burnt out on drugs, groupies and each other. It was all over by 1980.

Interestingly, it took this group 35 years to get to “Long Road Out of Eden,” their 7th studio album. That’s kind of nuts when you think of it but forgivable considering the staying power of their product. Long gone are original guitarist Bernie Leadon who helped give them that country flavor, Randy Meisner who sang “Take it to the Limit” (he also punched Glen Frey in the nose before leaving the band in 1977) and Don Felder, who co-wrote and came up with the great guitar riffs for “Hotel California.” He was kicked out of the band in 2001, sued and won an out of court settlement. READ THE FULL REVIEW BY JOHN BEAUDIN