Jethro Tull’s John Glascock R.I.P.

jethro_tull_John_Glascock_9980We lost John Glascock on this day in 1979. He was only 28. Glascock died as a result of a congenital heart valve defect, which was worsened by an infection caused by an abscessed tooth.

The bassist played with many bands including The Juniors (1962–1964), The Gods (on and off from 1965 – 1969), Head Machine (1970), Toe Fat (1969 – 1970), Chicken Shack (1971 – 1972) and Carmen until 1976. Glascock’s basslines in Carmen were often technical and unusual.

It was the same band that opened for Jethro Tull in 1976 and gave Glascock an introduction with Tull leader Ian Anderson. The two decided to work together that same year.

He did not write with Jethro Tull but sang backup and his unique basslines were valuable. He quickly became a fan favorite.

jethro_tull_John_Glascock_998140Glascock’s health was deterioration on “Heavy Horses” tour in 1979. He had to leave on May 1, 1979. Despite the diagnosis of heart valve damage caused by an infection he continued his heavy drinking and partying. Anderson eventually had to lay him off with pay during the “StormWatch” sessions.

Tull drummer Barriemore Barlow was especially fond of Glascock. He even paid for the funeral. He was almost broke resulting from a bad contract with Anderson. Some say one of the reasons Barlow would leave Jethro Tull.







jethro_tull_Too_Old_to_Rock _n_ Roll_Too_Young_to_Die_1976


John Glascock’s Albums with Jethro Tull

Too Old to Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young to Die! (1976)
Songs From the Wood (1977)
Heavy Horses (1978)
Bursting Out (Live album, 1978)
Stormwatch (1979)