Joni Mitchell “Wild Things Run Fast” Released November 14, 1982

joni_mitchell_larry_klein“Wild Things Run Fast” is Joni Mitchell’s 11th studio album and her first for Geffen Records. Unlike it’s Jazz predecessors this collection was more Pop.

Mitchell’s new bassist Larry Klein married her seven days after the album’s release. Their Marriage lasted 12 years (November 21, 1982 – 1994) He played on her next four albums.

Interestingly after touring U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia the singer released “Refuge of the Roads” a life video that was actually not recorded in front of a live audience – applause was dubbed in later.

Mitchell claims the bulk of the albums inspiration came from Police drummer Stewart Copeland saying, “their rhythmic hybrids, and the positioning of the drums, and the sound of the drums, was one of the main calls out to me to make a more rhythmic album.” She was listening to them as well as Steely Dan and the Talking Heads at discothèque during a trip to the Caribbean in 1981.

Rolling Stone Magazine gave the album 4 out of 5 stars Click here for the review

“(You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care” (Peaked at #47 on Billboard)

The album Peaked at #25 on the Billboard Top 200


1. “Chinese Café / Unchained Melody” (Joni Mitchell / Alex North, Hy Zaret) 5:17
2. “Wild Things Run Fast” 2:12
3. “Ladies’ Man” 2:37
4. “Moon at the Window” 3:42
5. “Solid Love” 2:57
6. “Be Cool” 4:12
7. “(You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care” (Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller) 2:36
8. “You Dream Flat Tires” 2:50
9. “Man to Man” 3:42
10. “Underneath the Streetlight” 2:14
11. “Love”
all song written by Joni Mitchell except where noted


Joni Mitchell – vocals; acoustic guitar on 3,5,9,10,11; electric guitar on 4,6,8; piano on 1; electric piano on 10
Larry Klein – bass
Michael Landau – electric guitar on 5,7,8,10
Steve Lukather – electric guitar on 1,2,9,11
John Guerin – drums on 1,4,6,9
Vinnie Colaiuta – drums on 2,3,5,7,8,10,11
Larry Williams – Prophet synthesizer on 1,2; tenor saxophone on 3,7
Russell Ferrante – Oberheim synthesizer on 4,6,9
Wayne Shorter – soprano saxophone on 4,6,11
Larry Carlton – guitar on 3
Victor Feldman – percussion on 9
Kim Hutchcroft – baritone saxophone on 7
Lionel Richie – backing vocals on 3,8
Charles Valentino, Howard Kinney – backing vocals on 3
James Taylor, Joni Mitchell – backing vocals on 9
John Guerin, Joni Mitchell, Kenny Rankin, Robert De La Garza, Skip Cottrell – whisper chorus on 6