November 28 – Today In Music History

eagles_don_henley2015 – Eagles Settle Lawsuit Over Illegal Concert Footage
There’s one thing we know about the Eagles – don’t even try screwing with their music. Don Henley and Glenn Frey of the Eagles just settled a lawsuit against Bill Shelley of New York over his plan to show private concert footage of the Eagles from 1976 in a movie theater.

Depending on the quality of a privately filmed home concert movie it still could be interesting to watch. Now there is a permanent injunction barring him from showing any recordings of the group.

According to Shelley’s lawyer the showing was canceled but the Eagles still sued him. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. – by John Beaudin


On this day in 1974 John lennon joined Elton John on stage after losing a bet. Elton agreed to play on Lennon’s “Whatever Get You Through The Night” and challenged the Beatle to a wager. If the song reached #1 on the charts Lennon would have to join him on stage. It did and Lennon walked on stage with Elton on this day! Madison Square Garden in New York City. It was Lennon’s last concert appearance.