R.I.P. Jeff Buckley and Happy Birthday

Jeff_Buckley_99837He was born on November 17th 1966. Singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley would be 49 today. He gained more recognition after his death in May 29, 1997. That day his band flew in from NYC to begin recording when Jeff unexpectedly drowned in the Wolf River Harbor. He was last seen floating on his back singing Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” before he disappeared. He was 30 years old. Interestingly Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page considered Buckley’s album “Grace” to be one the best of the 90’s.

His estate released the following statement – “Jeff Buckley’s death was not “mysterious,” related to drugs, alcohol, or suicide. We have a police report, a medical examiner’s report, and an eye witness to prove that it was an accidental drowning, and that Mr. Buckley was in a good frame of mind prior to the accident.”

Jeff’s version of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ has become a mainstream classic. In the 90’s he honed his skills in small coffee houses of NYC’s East Village. It was there that Jeff created his amazing intimate style.

Adele recently told Rolling Stone. “I try to listen to music that might uplift me but I don’t really connect with it. So mainly, Jeff Buckley. And that’s been my entire life I’ve done that. I remember falling out with my best friend when I was like seven and listening to Jeff Buckley, because my mom was a huge fan. Grace has always been around me.”

Hi famous musician Father Tim Buckley, died on 29th June 1975 of a heroin and morphine overdose. He was barely present in Jeff’s life.


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