Alicia Witt Joins The Cast of The Walking Dead

Alicia Witt Joins The Cast of The Walking Dead

Well. Here’s someone who is not dying this season on The Walking Dead – Alicia Witt! The former “Justified” and “Friday Night Lights” actress has just announced her arrival to the show on Twitter.

“Proud & overjoyed to get to announce to you today: I’m joining one of the greatest shows ever made.


alicia_witt_005As of this taping, The Walking Dead is returning in 8 days. The 40-year-old actress was first seen as the creepy kid in dude 1984. Witt has 66 credits on IMDB so it’s safe to say they wont kill her off too soon.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is another newcomer to the show but his arrival is a much bigger deal considering he’ll be playing the big, bad Negan. Some say his character will make the governor look like Colonel Sanders. Tastes like chicken!

The big rumor is Witt will play one of Negan’s wives named Amber. She’ll be a savior with benefits

A casting call released in September called for two “biker mama” types for guest roles “Polly” and “Mary” for episode 13. Shortly after Witt released this picture online

“The Walking Dead” mid-season premiere, is titled “No Way Out,” airs on Valentines night, Sunday, Feb. 14, at 9 p.m. on AMC. Fans are dreading the rumored mass killings but that does not mean we will loss some of our favorites. – by John Beaudin