Get Ready For a Bloodbath On The Next Walking Dead

Will Half of the Cast Die?

It might seem hard to believe but the last episode of The Walking Dead was the calm before the storm. According to many all hell’s about to break. In fact show-runner Scott Gimble says, “Episode 9 is one of the biggest episodes we’ve done.” “So many people die.” Now, remember some Walking Dead episodes have seemed anti-climactic after some of his predictions with mostly unknown characters dying off but this time could be different.

Dustin Rowles of Uproxx says, “The Walking Dead is about to introduce a huge crowd of new characters. Not just Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s villainous Negan, but also several members of a new location called the Hilltop Colony as well as members of Negan’s gang, the Saviors. That’s a lot of new faces in the span of just eight episodes. And, if you’re like most people, you still can’t tell most of the Alexandrians apart. Throughout the first half of Season 6, characters you do recognize kept giving grand speeches to small crowds of total strangers.” In other words most secondary characters from Alexandria will be killed off.

Some fans are even calling the next episode, “The Valentine’s Day Massacre.” which is even more appropriate since it airs on February 14th.

Remember in the last episode Rick, Carl, Jessie, and her sons, Sam and Ron were doing the walkers-walk by wearing zombie-guts to cheat through the dead ones. SPOILER WARNING- In the comic Sam freaks out and the walkers go for him when he screams, Jessie goes into protective mode but Carl holds on tight to her hand. Then Rick fearing his own son will get dragged in cuts off Jessie’s hand – no more girlfriend.

Carl, however, may not be out of the woods since some predict that Jessie’s other son Ron will then shot him in the eye (even though in the comic it’s a different character that gets him). Remember Ron has wanted Carl dead for a while now.

So on February 14 grab your favorite blanky or ask your mom if she kept your teddy bear or simply sip some scotch. Get Ready!!! – by John Beaudin

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